DipGo (Diplomacy Go) is a multiplayer game for up to 9 teams of up to 4 players per team.


We aim for DipGo to be accessible for all: red-green colourblind-friendly (deuteranopia) stone colours can be selected from the settings menu, and more will follow in the future.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding accessibility, please email accessibility@dipgo.net.


Basically as normal Go but with more colours:

  • Chinese rules
  • Positional Superko
  • Adjustable Komi in 2 player/ 2 team games, no Komi in multicolour games
  • If captures are enabled, points for captures go only to the player/team who made the capture
  • All stones left on the board at the end of the game are considered alive.

You can read the complete rules here.


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Speak your mind. Bug reports and feedback are particularly welcome.


Alas, hosting isn't free! If you enjoy playing DipGo, or are just feeling generous, please consider making a donation today.


Email info@dipgo.net for further information.